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The Home of Jastra Goldendoodles

My name is Jackie Ruddock and together with my husband Adrian, daughter Darcy and son Max we breed Goldendoodles. We live in Essex together with our dogs and two long suffering cats.


Since leaving school (more years ago than I care to remember!) I have worked as a dog groomer. Having been involved in the show world I started breeding dogs about sixteen years ago. My real passion is dog behaviour and training, particularly clicker training. I have ‘dabbled’ in obedience, agility, working trials and heelwork to music.


I originally decided to breed Labradoodles but when introduced to the Goldendoodle I immediately fell in love with this super breed. Everything that I required in a dog; sociable, intelligent, eager to please, fun-loving, good looks - the Goldendoodle has it all.


My dogs are first and foremost family companions. I take pride in knowing that they are healthy and have super temperaments that are passed onto their offspring. My aim is to breed pups that will grow into well adjusted, fun, family members.  Puppies are reared in my home amid all the hustle and bustle of normal family life.

About Us


They are handled by people of all ages, introduced to cats and played with by my older dogs. At about five weeks of age I start taking them out on car trips, this not only accustoms them to travelling but also to being confined to a crate for short periods of time.  Weather permitting they go outside for play sessions and are soon happy to toilet on grass, block paving, stones and concrete as well as newspaper. By the time they are ready to leave mum they are pretty bomb-proof and well prepared for life in the big wide world.


I take great interest in each and every pup and am always happy to offer advice and help throughout the whole of their lives.