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The Home of Jastra Goldendoodles


By jackieruddock, Jan 17 2015 11:26AM

Welcome to my blog and I hope that my 'musings' on dogs and life in general will be of interest and entertainment to you!

A couple of recent calls from prospective Goldendoodle owners has prompted me to share my view on dog allergies.

Allergies are very personal and not always based on the amount of hair shed (first-cross Goldendoodles DO shed, no where near as much as a Golden Retriever). Dander and saliva are often the cause of allergies and are present in all dogs!

I have a miniature Labradoodle client that comes to me for grooming. He has a wiry coat that shed profusely (on par with a labrador). He lives with a child with fairly severe allergies and causes no reaction whatsoever.

There is a myth that Goldendoodles are hypo-allergenic - this is purely myth. For some allergy sufferers; yes, they may be suitable but not all. Goldendoodle pups, as they mature, go through many coat changes until they develop their adult coat, at around eighteen months of age, possibly even older. Hence the soft puppy coat may not affect an allergy sufferer but the slightly coarse, wavy, adolescent coat may, or vice versa.

My very first litter of Goldendoodles, one pup went to a lady with allergies. For weeks she suffered itchy eyes, sneezing etc. but was so determined to keep her beloved Goldendoodle pup that she gritted her teeth and 'rode' it out. Now, whether it was changing coat or her body desensitizing we will never know, but that dog lived with her for eleven happy years and the itchy eyes, sneezing etc. completely stopped.

About five years ago I sold a pup to a family where mum and daughter both had allergies. They had had their grandfather's German Shepherd cross living with them for six months and this dog had caused no reaction to either Mum or daughter. To cut a long story short, I took the puppy back because the daughter was having sever asthma attacks. These were triggered presumably by her allergy to the puppy. This was a heart-breaking situation - many tears from all concerned.

My advice now to anyone with an allergy is to have a Poodle. They have predictable coats, completely non-shedding and can be trimmed to look just like a Doodle. They are available in three predictable sizes - unlike Goldendoodles (being a cross breed, size is very difficult to predict). Poodles are super, super dogs but that is a subject for my next blog post; The Much Maligned Poodle.

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