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The Home of Jastra Goldendoodles


By jackieruddock, Feb 1 2015 03:48PM

At the age of sixteen, working as an apprentice in a grooming parlour, I first fell in love with Standard Poodles. Having grown up with the no-nonsense Labrador, I was totally captivated by the, to me, exotic, exuberant, larger than life Standard Poodle.

I begged and pleaded with my parents to have one but the answer was always 'when you have your own house!' So, four years later, having married and moved into our first home an eighteen month old Standard Poodle called Murphy joined us. He was huge, more pony than poodle but such a sweet boy. A larger than life personality, his greatest pleasure was to cause maximum embarrassment to us, which he managed on a fairly regular basis!

That was twenty eight years ago and in those twenty eight years I have had many breeds, German Shepherd, Schnauzers, Collie x, Berger De Pichard, Golden Retriever and Goldendoodles (of course!) but the one constant has always been a Standard Poodle.

It's interesting that even prospective Doodle owners can be very anti-poodle. I regularly hear 'We want one that doesn't shedd,but isn't too poodley!' Bizarre, when you consider that all the combinations of Doodles that are bred now,contain 50% poodle in the first generation.

I am convinced that most people's bias is towards the haircut rather than the breed itself.

I personally, love to see a well-muscled Standard Poodle in a lion clip (with poms and a shaved bottom!!), but it's all a matter of taste.

To prove a point, Chilli, my current Standard, is trimmed like a Doodle. I regularly get chatting to other dog walkers when out and about with my gang and they all assume that she is a Doodle. I have been asked whether she's a labradoodle,Goldendoodle or Cockapoo. One particular lady made me smile. Whilst cuddling Chilli she proceeded to tell me how much she disliked poodles and how she was going to get a gorgeous Doodle just like this one!

I have even been approached by other poodle owners asking what breed she is.

Poodles come in three sizes, Toy, Miniature and Standard. They come in a variety of colours and are non-shedding. Their coats are fairly high maintenance, requiring regular trimming.........but then so do Doodles! They make great family companions. All of mine have been better retrievers than my Retrievers. They are very intelligent and with today's methods of positive reward training can excell in any dog sport.

So please may love Goldendoodles but they would not be here without a poodle!!