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The Home of Jastra Goldendoodles

Comfort Doodles

Over the past few years I have been experimenting with bringing down the size of my Goldendoodles. Though the large Goldendoodles are fabulous, they are a tad too big for many families.


I wanted the temperament and type of my 'biggies' in a consistently smaller package.


I believe I've found the perfect recipe; a soupçon of Spaniel, a pinch of Poodle and a good dollop of Golden Retriever. In America these are known as Comfort Doodles. I prefer to use the term smaller Doodles.


Don't be fooled, these have a love of mud, water and tennis balls just like their larger cousins and require as much exercise! But they fit easily into a footwell of a car and don't take up as much room on the sofa!


My smaller Doodles mature to around 16/18 inches at the shoulder.