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The Home of Jastra Goldendoodles

COOPER - Clumber Spaniel x Miniature Poodle

Elbow-score 0, 0 total =0

Hip-score 8, 8 total =16

Eyes Clear

Patellar Luxation Graded 0, 0


My super Cooper. A delightful, happy, friendly, outgoing chap. Very similar to the Goldendoodle. He has quite a fan club and gets comments where-ever we go.


He loves to swim and retrieve and is really a big dog in a small body! Unfortunately he also loves the mud but being a rich red colour he doesn't show the dirt quite as much!


DYLAN - Goldendoodle

Hip-score  3, 3 total =6

Eyes Clear


Sadly in November 2017 I said my final goodbye to my beloved Dylan.


He was my benchmark for every Doodle that I have bred......beautiful inside and out.

Sharing his life has been a journey, we learnt so much together about clicker training, went on numerous training workshops all over the country. We did agility, flyball and heel work to music. Dylan loved them all. He was also a demonstration dog for Canine Partners. We did talks and demos at schools, WIs, country shows. He loved it and could work beautifully whatever the distractions! His favourite task was opening and emptying the washing machine, closely followed by putting coins in a collecting tin. He was always a big hit with the crowds!

Dylan was daddy to many of my early litters of Doodles and I’m proud to say that many of his children and grandchildren went on to be assistance dogs with Canine Partners and Hearing Dogs.

First and foremost he’s been part of my family for twelve and a half years, seeing my kids grow up and leave Home.


I held Dylan in my hands as he entered this world and then in my arms as he left. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to share my life with this special boy.

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